How to Create a Unique Advantage in the Marketplace and Develop Loyal Customers.

Your company probably has more data, more information and more metrics than at any time in its history. But there's more to these assets than what's on the surface, because what people say and what they really want are usually two very different things.

That's why Left Field Creative and our Common Sense Marketing platform are essential to helping you steal sales from the competition.

We roll up our sleeves, put our boots in the dirt and uncover truths other agencies miss. That's because we dig deeper, ask probing follow-up questions and work to understand your consumers until we can tap their emotions and see the world through their eyes.

Then we create meaningful strategies, messaging and content that guide people from purchase motivation to purchase decision to physical purchase.

It's a difference that will give you a distinct advantage. And it's all the result of using Common Sense.


We create campaigns designed to make people want to buy, rather than campaigns that try too hard to sell. If you understand the difference, chances are we would work very well together.

Brand Development

There's an inherent drama and truth in every brand. Telling that story in a fashion that resonates with people is what we do best and what we enjoy above all else.


Sometimes you just need a little help, someone to point you in the right direction. We can provide an outside perspective and answers you might be missing because you're too close to the problem.