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Marketing and Advertising Created Using Common Sense

What you should know about Left Field Creative.



Bill Shelton, "Words"


Terri Lacey, "Pictures"

Left Field Creative opened rather unexpectedly on a fall afternoon in 1996 when CITGO Petroleum, the third largest petroleum retailer in the U.S., asked us to leave our jobs to handle their account.

Two people in St. Louis replaced a 400-person agency with a ritzy Michigan Avenue address. David had just smote Goliath.

Over the years, we've helped global powerhouses including NIKE, Purina, Edward Jones, Merck, General Motors, and Aunt Jemima, as well as local startups and a host of non-profits.

Every client we represent, regardless of budget, receives the same level of commitment, respect, and creative energy.

From our perspective, in everything we do, it's not about us, it's about you. It's how a service business should operate. It's more than just good business. It's good Common Sense.

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