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Emerus Resolutions Ad / Handout
Emerus Spring Cleaning Ad / Handout
Emerus Healthy Family Ad / Handout
Emerus The Hospital You Requested Ad
Emerus Partner For Life Billboard
Emerus New Hospital Postcard Front
Emerus New Hospita Postcard Back
Emerus Hospitals "Fabulous in Five" Community Relations Campaign

Emerus brings elite healthcare services to the suburbs where people live, in the form of advanced, state-of-the-art micro-hospitals. 


Preventable health issues bog down hospitals, robbing patients with critical conditions of valuable treatment time.


Left Field Creative initiated "Fabulous In Five" a monthly quick-and-easy health tips guide, along with community relations communications, to make Emerus Hospitals a health partner, not just a place to visit when you're sick.


At Left Field Creative, we respect the privacy of our clients, many of whom prefer not to share sales and marketing data publicly.

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